Sheikh Mohamed Bin Issa Al Jaber is a self-made Arab entrepreneur and philanthropist who has successfully built an international business empire spanning Europe and the Middle East. He is founder, Chairman and CEO of MBI Group, which has assets valued in excess of $9 billion; and founder and sole patron of the MBI Al Jaber Foundation, a UK registered charity focused on building bridges between the Middle East and the wider world, working in three key areas: education, cultural dialogue and good governance.

Early Life

As a young man, Sheikh Mohamed developed a passion for classical Arabic poetry and it was through this medium that he began to study the history of civilizations and culture. His interest in education, good governance and democracy in the Middle East developed alongside his business acumen. He set up his first business in 1982 and, after an exceptionally successful decade, embarked on his philanthropic journey. He went on to set up his first Charitable Trust in the mid 1990s and later founded the MBI Al Jaber Foundation, allowing him to become actively involved in the issues which, to this day, remain close to his heart.

Entrepreneur and Businessman

Sheikh Mohamed is founder, Chairman and CEO of MBI Group, an international conglomerate which spans Europe and the Middle East. The Group is a worldwide investment institution operating in the hospitality, real estate, finance and oil and gas industries.


Sheikh Mohamed has been a champion of global, social and economic philanthropic causes for more than 20 years. Much of his work is enabled by the MBI Al Jaber Foundation, which builds bridges between the Middle East and the wider world through education and cultural dialogue; promoting transparency, accountability and democracy across the Middle East and North Africa region (MENA).

In 2005 Sheikh Mohamed was appointed UNESCO Special Envoy for Education, Tolerance and Cultures. He was appointed UN Spokesman for Global Forums on Reinventing Government in 2007.

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